Tane’s Weta

Once upon a time Tane created a beautiful with a lot of trees reaching up to the sky.  All the trees and ferns made the forest very dark.  Among the insects Tane created a small, soft bodied insect that Tane called weta.

“Weta, said Tane, “ you can help me by making the forest clean and tidy.”

One day when Tane was walking in the forest he walked on the weta’s children.  Weta jumped onto Tane’s foot and said, “When you were walking in the forest you stepped on my five children and crushed them.’

Then Tane said, “ I will make you a hard body.” And then Tane made them a hard body.

Then Tane made five groups of weta.  Ground Weta, Tree Weta, Tusked Weta, Cave Weta and Giant Weta.

Tane said to the first group, “ You shall be the giants amongst all weta and will have a careful nature.  Your home will be in hideaways.  You can kick with your back legs.”

Then he said to the second group, “You will be big, but not giant and you will make your home in trees.”

Tane went to the third group and said, “You will be small, but not too small that I can’t see you when I walk through the forest.  You can jump easily.”

Then he said to the fourth group, “You will have bug tusks to defend yourself.”

Then Tane said to the fifth group, “You will live in caves and have long legs.”

Then after Tane created all the weta, the weta disappeared from Tane’s sight and they went to their new homes.

Retold by K.F.

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