Tane’s Weta

In the beginning Tane created a beautiful forest. He made some animals. One of those animals was called Weta. Tane commanded the six wetas to forage across the forest floor cleaning the forest.

One night Tane was walking in the forest where weta was working. Tane accidentally trod on five weta. Then the last weta crawled on to Tane’s toe and Tane looked down at Weta.

Weta said, “You have squashed five weta.”

“Whoops! I didn’t see them,” said Tane. “I will turn you into five different types of weta. There will be five types of weta because I squashed five.”

“The first group will be called Giant Weta. They live under bark and they live alone. The second group are the Tree Dwellers. The male Tree Dweller has a long ferocious head.”

Tane moved closer to the third group. “You will be small, but not so small I can’t see you. You will have long legs to jump away from predators.” By the wave of his hand he created Ground Weta.

Tane started to walk over to the fourth group. He said, “You will be the Tusked Weta. The male will have tusks. The female doesn’t have tusks. The male fights to protect their burrows.”

Finally Tane walked over to the last group. “You will be Cave Weta. You will live in caves and you will have amazing jumping skills.”

Now they all set off to their new homes.

Retold by C.O’N.

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