Tane’s Weta

In the beginning Tane created a little bug and named it Weta. That weta helped Tane keep the trees and forest clean.

Tane also made Weta’s children. He made Cave Weta, Tree Weta, Ground Weta, Tusked Weta and Giant Weta. Weta and all his children would hide in places that are dark and be safe in those places from kiwi and tuatara.

One day Weta’s children were cleaning the trees, the forest and the ground. Until thump, thump Tane was coming. Tane couldn’t look down at the children on the floor. Without looking down Tane accidentally squashed Weta’s children.

Tane was very sorry. Then Tane said, “I must make your bodies even more hard and put you in groups to stay with together.”

The next day Tane called Weta and his children and put them in a line and said, “You will all have hard shell bodies.” He waved his hands over the weta and then put then into groups.

He said to the first group, “You shall be giants among weta. Your homes may be in hideaways under bark, in bushes, among stones from river flats to high mountains. If you are threatened then you may kick or rasp with your spiny back legs.”

Tane looked at the second group and said, “You will be large but not giants. You will make your homes in the holes of forest trees.”

Tane went to the third group and said, “You will be smaller than the giants.”

The fourth group were going to live in tunnels.

The fifth were going to live in caves.

Then Tane said, “You may go now and live your new lives.”

Retold by R.S.

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