Lions are mammals they belong to the cat family.

They have eyes, teeth, fur, tail, ears, mane, whiskers, claws, legs and paws.

They live in the wild in open grass lands in Africa.

Lions hunt other animals like cattle.

Did you know a lioness keeps her cubs hiding for four to eight weeks. She sometimes moves her cubs from hiding place to another gently carrying each cub in her mouth.

Females do all the work and males just sleep.

I wonder do people shoot them?

By BriTas

The Deadly Adder


The deadly Adder is a reptile and a snake.

The Adder can be black, white, or the colour of sand. It has rough skin and 2 fangs.

The Adder is found in the African jungle and African desert.

The Adder kills and hunts its prey with poison.

Did you know…

      · The Adder is a poisonous snake?

    • · Its colour blends with sand.

    • · Milking an Adder is dangerous.

    by OadSha



    Tigers are mammals. They are big cats.

    They mostly are orange white and black. Adult tigers have 30 teeth. Its black fur is its shortest fur and longest is fur on its stomach.

    Wild tigers are mostly found in India and Siberia.

    They eat zebras, spotted deer and just about anything.

    I wonder if a Tiger can jump?

    By MatSha


    A bat is a flying mammal.

    It has two wings, two eyes, a nose, sharp fangs, two feet, two ears, black fur and a mouth.

    They fly, eat, hunt and hang upside down.

    They live in caves and dark places in Australia & New Zealand.

    Baby bats can not fly until they are several weeks old. They like the dark. Did you now that if a mother bat drops its baby she will not get it because she can not walk.

    by CooRyd

    Polar Bears

    Polar Bears are mammals.

    They are big, white and fluffy. They have big eyes to see danger and sharp claws.

    Polar bears live in the arctic lands around the North Pole.

    They walk in groups and try to catch some fish to eat.

    Did you know that polar bears have more trouble staying cold than getting hot. Polar bears have two lots of fur.

    Polar bears are coming on to land because the ice and snow is melting. You can find polar bears in Canada.

    I wonder if they get really sick and die in the cold water?

    by MurRen



    Kangaroos are mammals.

    Kangaroos they have long faces and ears. They also have pouches for their babies.

    They live in Australia and part of Australia is the Australian zoo.

    Kangaroos move slowly. They can jump. The kangaroos can jump as far as ten metres in one leap. The kangaroos back legs are shaped like the letter z.

    I wonder why do kangaroos live in Australia?

    by SamReg



    The vulture is a bird.

    The vulture is black & pink. They have feathers & a sharp beak.

    Vultures can be found in trees in Africa.

    Vultures are natures rubbish collectors. They feed on dead bodies eating everything except the bones. Vultures fly.

    They don’t have feathers on their heads for sticking it into dead bodies so they don’t get blood in their feathers. They just hiss and grunt in a nasty way.

    by MorMit