A horse is a mammal.

Horses have a dock, croup, loin, withers, mane, poll, forelock, brow-band, shoulder, elbow, forearm, knee, hoofs, heel, hoof wall, ergot, fetlock, chestnut, stifle, gaskin, hock, a head, ears, tail and they have four legs.

Horses are found on farms, in stables and wild horses are found in the wild.

Horses can jump, trot, and gallop. They eat nuts, oats and hay and they drink water.

Did you know that you can get a horse to walk up stairs but they won’t walk down them again? They have to walk down a ramp.

A horse can swim in shallow water and deep water, but in deep water they get tired after a while and they will drown.

by FisKyl

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