Hunting and Fishing

CIMG2496 CIMG2488

On Friday Dad took my friend and me fishing on my dads friends boat I got my first fish. After a while I got a sea sick pill then I came right. Dad and I caught the biggest snapper and we won an ice cream.

On Saturday the 19th I got up at 4.00 in the morning.  Me and dad saw some  helicopters.  We got to see the sun come up.  After a while we saw some trains.  I got to see a rabbit it was so cute.  Then we had a stop for dad.  Then we went again.  Dad told me a story about two wild pigs that crossed the road but they did not get hit by a car. I saw some sheep out of their pen. We almost hit three sheep but they got out of the way. I think we saw twenty of them but it might be eleven I don’t know.  Then we were there.

We got out of the car  and got all the stuff out.  Then we went for a walk. We stopped at a river. Dad went first then I went to a mountain of dirt. I put my foot in the wet water, but I had gumboots on my feet. Then I got up on the ground and we started to walk.  We stopped again.  I was getting hungry and thirsty.  We stopped at a tree that looked liked a camel and I called it camel tree.  It looked funny and I put some grass in it’s mouth and it was funnier than it looked before I put the grass in it’s mouth.

Then we got walking.  After a while we got to a little creek.  Dad said “Do you want some help?”
I said “No thank you.  I am fine because it is not that deep.  It is about up to my foot.”  I saw a cup in a tree.
Dad said “That is our cup. We drink out of the creek.  Do you want to taste it?”

to be continued…

by ArtSha

Click this link to see a slideshow of more pictures.

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