The Marae Trip


On Monday 26th of May we went to the Te Awamutu College Marae.

When we arrived we had to be welcomed on first.  We had to greet the students and teachers by kissing them or shaking their hands.  Some could even touch noses together.  We learnt some Maori songs including the fruit haka.  We then had morning tea with a cookie, fruit and juice.

Mr Fawcett numbered us and then we had to join the group we were in.  These groups went and did fun activities which included short poi, long poi, sticks and the haka.  We had fifteen minutes at each activity.

Lunchtime was next.  Hamish, Joseph and Max came and sat with my mum and me.  After lunch we had a little play.

We went inside the marae again to see what was next.  We got to partner up with a piece of paper and a crayon.  We then put our paper over a carving and then rubbed the crayon gently over.  These are called “rubbings”.  This was fun and we made awesome Maori designs.

by MorPai

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