Wiki and Blog Information

To all Room 9 students
If you have a story or something you would like to share then follow these instructions.

1. Download and print the blogging template on the right.

2. Write your story or news.  Pay attention to spelling, check your title and read it all back to yourself to make sure it makes sense.

3. Go to our pbwiki site.  Log in.


4. Create a new page.


5. Give it a title (check spelling carefully first – you can’t change it later).  Click edit and copy your story from your blog template. Now’s the time to make any changes if you need to.

6. Click save. Don’t be surprised if others want to know more and ask questions(in the comments). People might make corrections if they find any mistakes.

7. If you have a photo you can try and work out how to insert it.  See me in class if you want some help.

When you’re done all this I can copy it from the wiki to this blog. If we’re in class you can copy and paste it into Live Writer and post it yourself.

Mr. F

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