Going to the Zoo

Last Wednesday we went to the Hamilton Zoo.  I went with Tylan’s mum and Dallas and Tylan and Amethyst and Dominic.

We saw the chimpanzees.  We saw some rhino poo.  One rhino was eating some hay.  Rhinos can protect themselves with the horn on their nose.  That’s how they protect the babies from any danger.

We saw the guinea pigs.   We saw the kingfisher bird.  We saw a bird with a red forehead.  We saw a kea.  It was sitting on a tree branch.

A kea on a branch

A kea on a branch

At 2:15 we went back to school.  Then we went home.  I liked it at the zoo.  I liked the giraffes because they play in the mud.  They had mud on their hooves.

told to FawMic by LatJos

One Response

  1. This picture is so pretty I love how you could get a picture like this.That kea is so pretty and big.The rhino video was cool but i wish it was longer than nine seconds.Your blog is so good I love the drawings. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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