20 000 page views!

I just noticed that our page view is coming up to 19 000 hits.  Let’s try and hit 20 000 by the end of term!  Tell your family and friends about this blog (and the wiki) especially if you have some work here.  Write or publish one of your stories on the wiki and I will copy/post it here.  

Got photos or artwork?  Send them here.  Don’t forget to say what the pictures are for.  See me in class if you have images on a cd/memory stick or if you need to scan your work.

Mr F

3 Responses

  1. Wow Room 9!
    That is A LOT of page views!!!
    We are also Room 9 but from Nelson Central School 🙂

    From Rachel (Class Teacher)

  2. Wow !

    That is really fantastic! How did yoy do that ?

    Jenny ( Room 5 ‘s class teacher Pt England School .

  3. Room 9 has had a blog since September 2005. WordPress counts all the visits. So that’s nearly 20 000 views in 3 years.

    We also started using Statcounter in July 2007 and they say we’ve had 13 795 visits since then.

    In 2008 we have had 10 947 visitors so far.

    If we get 20 000 visits before the end of term we will have a party! 🙂

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