Kea Drawing


A Kea on a Branch

A Kea on a Branch

Keas are members of the parrot family and they are native New Zealand birds. It is related to the kākāpō and the kākā.

Keas have the most beautiful green feathers and orange under its wings. The kea is 460 mm long. It has a strong hooked beak. It has feet that are for perching.

Keas live in the ranges up in the mountains. They mostly live in the South Island of New Zealand. Some live in the forests too. 

Keas scratch their head feathers with their feet. New Zealand keas kill sheep. Keas eat dead animals roots leaves berries nectar and insects. They live in groups of up to 13 birds. Keas hover and make nests for their eggs. They make nests in tunnels 1 to 6 meters long. They lay between 2 to 4 white eggs and they hatch out of the egg after 21 days.

Keas eat rubber off cars and can open jar tops.  Keas beaks are strong. Keas bones were found in Waitomo Caves in 1962. The government used to pay money for keas beaks because they killed sheep.

by RobTyl

One Response

  1. What a fabulous drawing. Keas are my favourite NZ native bird because they are very clever, cheeky birds.
    From Mrs McGhie

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