Kiwi Jingle Bells

The Year 2s, 3s and 4s sang this in the hall today.  It’s not very good quality because it was recorded on a cellphone, but if you read the lyrics as you listen you should be able to sing along!

Edit- not sure I should have posted these lyrics, (I’ve contacted the publishers to ask for permission) but here’s a link to the resource they came from if you’d like to order it for yourself or your school- A Kiwi Jingle Bells .

Update – got an email from the publishers asking me very nicely to take down the lyrics, sorry everybody.  You can still follow the link to buy it!

8 Responses

  1. I’m not familiar with this version of the song, is it unique to your school? What’s it like sung with a British accent?

  2. It’s a book and CD. I found a reference to it here –

    Singing it with a British/Yorkshire accent just sounds WRONG!

  3. Brilliant, I can’t wait to have my class listen to this!
    Mr. C

  4. Might play this to the class on Monday.

  5. Kombi campervan?
    load a chilly bin?
    hokey-pokey ice cream?
    cheerios in bread?
    L&P to drink?
    Pavlova, pud and pie?
    Anzac bikkies, choccy fish?

    Help me! What are these things?

    Of course, you could sing it with some of my students favorite words,

    “Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg,
    Batmobile lost a wheel and Joker got away.”

    -Mr. Lund

    • Ha, I knew these words would awaken the curious cat in someone! First of all I’m English, so I may not get them all, but here goes:-
      Kombi Campervan
      chilly bin
      hokey-pokey ice cream


      Pud and pie? (I’ll ask, but could be any pudding or sweet pie – not sure)
      Anzac bikkies
      Choccy fish
      Like I said, I’m and immigrant and open to correction.

      Edit – after consultation we seem to think that “pud and pie” might be Christmas pudding and mince pie.

    • Hi Mr Lund,

      Kombi – the old VW campervan
      chiily bin – insulated box aka Eskie in Oz
      Hokey-pokie – Vanilla with bits of butterscotch-type candy bits in it
      cheerios in bread – cereal sandwiches (I think – our family doesn’t indulge!)
      L&P – lemony fizzy drink
      Pavlova etc. Pav is meringue base with cream and fruit, pud and pie are what they say … just like in dear old Blighty!
      Anzac bikkies – oaty fruit biscuits which keep well and used to be sent to the troops during the war – yummy
      Choccy fish – marshmallow fish shapes covered in chocolate – a Kiwi staple and if any cafe served your capuccino without one on the saucer, well, you wouldn’t go there again!

      As for the last line of the Batman Jingle Bells – we heard that “The Joker broke his leg.”

      That’s enough of the intellectual stuff for one year!

  6. This is so cool, well done. We will put it up on our interactive whiteboard on Monday. Our school are having a Carols evening on Thursday and it would be fun to sing this. Thanks for sharing.

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