Bird Models

We made some bird models.  Even though we call them papier mache -they’re not really.

Bird Models on Flickr

Bird Models on Flickr

You need –

plenty of newspaper

some wide brown parcel tape or masking tape

kitchen towels

pva glue


other bits and pieces (for feet, beak, legs)

hot glue gun

(a hairdryer is useful too)

Scrunch up the newspaper into the rough shape of the bird’s body.  Tape it together with the sticky tape.

Scrunch up newspaper into head shape and tape up.

Connect the head and body with tape.

Cut out wings (open or closed) and tail from card and tape on.

Cover the whole thing with strips of kitchen towel (about 5cm x 2cm) glued on with PVA,

When it’s all dry (use the hairdryer to help if you’re in a hurry) you can add the beak, feet, eyes and other details with a hot (ouch) glue gun.  We made them out of wire, drinking straws, dressmaking pins, bamboo skewers, plastic plates, old pens and anything else we thought looked good.

Carefully paint your bird with its main colours.  We found it best to mix paint on the bird.  Finally paint the beak, feet, eyes and any other details you think need adding.  Let it (hair)dry.


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  1. that is a lot of birds

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