Straw Tower

We have a pack of building straws in Room 9.  Last Wednesday I came back from morning tea to find this-


Tower of Straws

Tower of Straws

The only thing that stopped them going higher was they ran out of straws!  I wonder how high they could go?

Mr F.

4 Responses

  1. That’s an interesting activity for the kids.
    Well done!

    Mrs She

  2. What was the height of the tower? We used to have competitive races to build the highest free standing ones in class, competition tends to bring out the best in students. Merry Christmas to you and your students and look forward to catching up in 2009!

  3. The straws are about 20 – 25cm long. The roof/veranda is about 2.8m high. Counting the straws I would guess at 2.5m.

  4. I like the photos of captain underpants.
    Prashant, Melville Intermediate School
    Hamilton, New Zealand

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