The Fantail’s Māori name is Piwakawaka. It is a Flycatcher.

The Fantail has ten feathers at the back of the body in a fan shape. It has a beak, two legs, two wings and feathers on its body.

It lives in trees and forests.

It flies to catch its food and spreads its wings out so the other birds know how it feels.
Maori people think believe that if a fantail comes into your house it means bad luck.

by SimMit

6 Responses

  1. Can you tell me why your blog is snowing? We were in Hamilton today to look for a house for next year and it was wet and cold, but not snowing.

  2. Snow is an extra setting on It lasts until January 4th. I know it hasn’t snowed in Hamilton for over 100 years, but it makes it seem more like Christmas if you’re from the northern hemisphere (like me).

  3. Well that’s nice. Very unrealistic and I’m sure it makes those from the Northern Hemisphere love it but imagine what overseas people might think that it might snow in New Zealand everywhere.

  4. Did you draw that picture ? It’s very good!
    I like your snow!

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