Paradise Shelduck

Male and Femal Paradise Shelduck 


Male and Female Paradise Shelducks

The Paradise Shelduck is a prized game bird. Its Māori name is Putangitangi. The Paradise Shelduck is a member of the Duck family.

The Male has a black head and barred black body.
The Female has a white head with a chestnut body. The Paradise Shelduck has a pointy tail.

They are all over New Zealand and widespread in all but a few areas. They usually live as pairs. They live in farmland, grassland and wetland.

They build nests in high grass, hollow trees or beneath rotting logs. Chicks fledge after 8 weeks. In the zoo they are fed duck pellet mix. In the wild they eat grains, seeds and insects. They lay 5 to 8 eggs.

Both male and female birds have striking plumage. They have a long breeding season from August to January. The Paradise Shelduck have larger bodies than normal ducks.

Illustrated and written by MorPai

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