A Cockatoo has white and yellow feathers and are 29cm long. A Cockatoo has a sharp beak, sharp claws, white and yellow feathers which help it hide. Its wing span is about 30cm, it has a little yellow tuft of feathers at the back of its head.

Cockatoos live in the middle of the forest near Hamilton and near the middle of the forest in Australia. In summer they live near rivers where fish live.

They use their feet to grab fish out of the water and catch any other little animals. A Cockatoo likes to eat berries off trees and hunts for fish in the rivers. They like to see other cockatoos around the forest. They go crazy when they see one another.

A Cockatoo has a bite that hurts so much that it will make you cry because their beaks are used to fight other birds. They only bite when they’re mad at someone.

Illustrated and written by CarMik

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  1. I love the picture of the cockatoo – what a talented artist!
    You have had so many visitors to your blog – very impressive. Maybe you would like to visit our blog? Although we have finsihed for our Christmas break, the blog is still being managed. We are keen to get friends from all over the world!
    Mrs McC Tarradale P5

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