The kea is a native bird a bird of prey. Kea are related to kakapo and kaka.

It is a dark green colour. Under its wings it has orange so when it is flying you can see the orange.  The size of a kea is 460 mm long.

Kea can be found in the mountains and kea can also be found in the forest.  They are also at Hamilton Zoo.

Keas eat berries, seeds, tender roots, insects and worms.  It swoops down and grabs its prey.  They also like rubber. When people go to snow keas take the rubber from people’s cars. Keas don’t breed until they are three years old. They lay 2 to 4 eggs . Breeding time is in January to July.

There was a baby kea at Hamilton Zoo but sadly the kea died.

Illustrated and written by PeeDay

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  1. Room Nine – its great to see that you are still putting up posts in the holidays. Great work and look forward too seeing more of it this year and in 2009. Still snowing in Hamilton I see.

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