A Tui (Parson Bird)

A Tui (Parson Bird)

The Tui has beautiful colours. Its Maori name is Tui. The Tui’s cousin is the Bellbird.


The tui’s colours are ,blue, green, black ,white and brown. The male is 32cms the female is 29cms. The female’s colours are brown and white. The Tui’s length is 30 cm. Tui are also called parson birds because of the two curled tufts of white feathers on their throats.

The Tui is found in the New Zealand forest and bush patches throughout the North Island. There are a few in the beech forests of the South Island.

The Tui lays two to four eggs sometimes twice a year. They eat berries from the forest trees, shrubs and some insects. Tui nest in September to January. Females build the bulky nests of twigs and dried grasses lined with feathers and soft material in tree forks. The Tui chicks are then fed by both parents on nectar, berries and insects. Being honeyeaters, they search for nectar from the forest trees, flowers and shrubs, extracting it with long brush-tipped tongues. Tui can be seen in summer taking nectar from pohutukawa and flax flowers along the coast and hanging upside down to sip from kowhai flowers.

Its call is so high-pitched that a human ear cannot hear it.

Illustrated and written by ArtSha

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  1. I have really enjoyed reading your blog this year. I am in London at the moment and it was quite a thrill to see your Live Traffic Feed show London when I went to make a comment.

    All the best for 2009

  2. Hello my name is Janice i like the photos of the tui
    and the Captian underpants. I have a a book like that at home.
    Janice, Melville Intermediate school room 8

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