Morepork – Ruru

Morepork or Ruru

Morepork or Ruru

Morepork are a bird of prey and a big owl.  Morepork are native to New Zealand.

A Morepork looks like a big brown owl with big wings and a hooked beak.  It has big eyes to see in the dark.

Morepork live in the New Zealand forests.  They perch on big branches with lots of leaves.

Morepork make a sound that goes “more pork, more pork”.  They eat bugs like worms and insects that fly.  Morepork lay 2 or 3 white eggs.  They hatch after 20 to 30 days.  Only the female seems to incubate the eggs and she is fed by the male on the nest.  The chicks fledge after about 34 days.  Morepork like to seek food at night.

Illustrated and written by TayCen

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  1. I would just like to say what a beautiful morepork! I was doing a Google image search for morepork, and I found yours.

    Our school is learning how to make our own website – I’m going to show yours to all our kids.

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