The Kea is a New Zealand native bird. It is a kind of parrot.

The kea has beautiful wings. The keas have gray or black hooked beaks. Keas have beautiful orange and green long feathers.

Keas live in mountains and mostly live in the South Island.

Keas fly up to the mountains to eat snow berries.  When people brought sheep to the mountains keas found a new food – dead meat. Some Keas killed live sheep and all the Keas were blamed.  Thousands of keas were killed until 1970.   They also eat berries, seeds, tender roots, and leaf buds. Keas use their beaks to pick up sticks to make nests. They use their beaks to eat rubber from cars.

Between 1,000 and 5,000 still live in the wild in New Zealand.

Illustrated and written by CasAla

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