Kingfisher is a diving bird.

A Kingfisher has blue feathers and a black beak and a white body.

Some kingfishers live in New Zealand.

The Kingfisher dives in the water to get a fish. They lay eggs and the kingfisher babies grow big. Then they fly away.

I like them because of their colourful wings.

Illustrated by LatJos and PedMax.  Written by LatJos

One Response

  1. Hi Glenview,

    I love your post about the King Fisher.
    Where I come from (South Africa) the King Fisher is a protected bird because it is a populur animale over there.
    Did you know that South Africa has the most King Fishers in the world.
    From Byron
    P.S. If you want to seesome of my work go onto this link and check it out each week to see new posts that I will pit on my blog. 😉

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