Captain Underpants

Library Choice


Library Choice


I picked this book from the library because I like reading Captain Underpants.  I’ve read the second one and the third one and I haven’t read the first one, but I want to read the fourth.  The third one is in 3D and comes with a disk.


Bokks 1 and 2

Books 1 and 2

[UPDATE] 13/02/09 My friend DunHar brought in these Captain Underpants books this morning.  We both like them.  We read them so much that some of the pages fell out at lunchtime! 


by PedHun

Meet Dav Pilkey

6 Responses

  1. Many of the teachers I work with think Captain Underpants books are dumb. I spent much of my childhood reading comic books and loved every minute of it. Why do adults have to be so judgmental about books? We should be happy students are reading. So PedHun, when you are finished with the Captain Underpants books I would like to introduce you to Super Diaper Baby!

  2. I like the photo of the book I have a hole collection of Captain underpants .

    I like how you put the word birds on the top of the page I like it a lot.

    Melville Intermediate school

  3. Captain Underpants books are among the most popular children’s books. Good choice! Keep reading.

  4. Cool! We do not read Captain Underpants, but our friends do and it seems pretty funny!

  5. We think that those books are verry funny and cool
    we engoy reading them and i bett you guys do to.

  6. cool blog – do you know your teacher is a super hero?

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