Meet the Chiefs

"they gave out posters and balls"

"they gave out posters and balls as rewards"

Yesterday we had an assembly in the hall to meet two of the Chiefs.

When we were all seated Mr Mangan introduced Joe and Hika the Chiefs’ prop and hooker.

They had four main messages-

  • Read
  • Eat breakfast
  • School is cool
  • Set goals

They also talked about their practices and training.  They let us ask lots of questions.

At the end they gave out posters and balls as rewards for best questions and comments.

We were very lucky to meet the two Chiefs’ players and hear their very cool messages.

by Room 9

3 Responses

  1. The Chiefs are the best team ever in the Super 14 and its a shame that they couldn’t come to other schools in the area and promote the team. I hope that they beat the Sharks at the weekend in the first game at home for 2009. Your school was very lucky to get that visit and for people to get free stuff!
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  2. Wow ! You are so lucky to be visited by the Chiefs.
    I wish they would come to my school.

    Mrs She Pt England School Auckland.

  3. It is nice that the Chiefs came to visit your school. I don’t follow rugby, but I used to watch Australian rules football when I was growing up on television. I guess Mr. Webb didn’t get his wish, though because I understand the Chiefs lost to the Sharks. Oh well, I am sure they will do better next time.
    Mr. C

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