The Weekend in Auckland

Sue the T-Rex

Sue the T-Rex

On Saturday, in Auckland, I had two choices.  Number one was to go to the museum.  Number two was to go to the star dome thing.

I chose the museum and it was really cool.  I saw a green moray eel and a moa.   I saw the dinosaur bones from the T-Rex named Sue.  I found out that the female T-Rex on Walking with Dinosaurs was Sue.  I also found out that the Auckland Zoo once had a male elephant.

I saw a species of Salmon in the Weird and Wonderful and in the Wild Child we saw a stuffed stoat or a ferret.

The next day was sunny in Auckland so I decided to go to the park.  When I was going out I saw a weta in the hole of the gate.  When I was on the bridge I saw fish in the stream.  I rushed to get my net.  I rushed down to catch one.  I kept on missing, but at the end, when I saw one under the weed, I caught one.

Later on we went to the pet store to get a pet. I saw some snake head turtles and some blue tongue lizards and a white goggley eyed fish and a bearded dragon and a litte puppy labrador.  Kelly decided to get a Siamese cat.  It meowed a lot in the car.  It was very shy.  When I last saw it she was in a corner.

I would have liked to have got a snake head turtle.

Illustrated and written by EllLog

8 Responses

  1. It sounds like you had an exciting weekend. What did you do with the fish you caught?

  2. Wow! What a adventure! I live quite near to the Auckland Museum and it is a popular place to visit. We only go there if there is something special on.
    Next time, when you come to Auckland, try to go to Kelly Tarlton.
    Good recount of where you have been to!

    Mrs She

  3. wow you had a extreme week end elllog i hope you have another week end in auckland i like the museum in auckland

  4. What a fabulous recount of your trip to Auckland. We live in Auckland, but we’re over on the North Shore which isn’t very close to the museum. Did you see the volcano display at the museum? It’s really cool (and a little bit scary).
    It sounds like you had a very busy and exciting weekend. We’re learning to write recounts at the moment too.
    From Mrs McGhie and Room 6.

  5. I let the fish go back in the stream.i went to kelly tarltons in the summer holiday it was really fun.

  6. What do you think it would be like if you went to the star dome thing?

  7. Awesome picture EllLog.

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