Nightglow and Fireworks

I walked around to the University on Saturday evening to watch the nightglow and fireworks.  I thought they were starting at 8:30pm to match up with Earthhour, but when I got there they’d already started.

If you didn’t see the display here’s a short video (actually it’s quite long and may take some time to load).

Mr  F.

4 Responses

  1. Hi Room 9,
    I really love your art work and recounts about camp. It sounded so much fun. We’ll visit you again soon.
    Mrs Shep’s Bungee Jumping Cookies

  2. Hi Mr F,
    What a beautiful sight! I wish I was there to witness that. There were balloons of all shapes and sizes.
    I wonder how many were there ? Do you know ?

    • I will ask Room 9 if they know how many balloons there were. There was a balloon shaped like a birthday cake to celebrate 10 years of Balloons over Waikato.

  3. Mr Webb from Room 8 was there as well and we have put some photographs on our blog page of the Nighglow. I think there were like 10-15 Balloons that were there, and it was a bit confusing about when it started because they didn’t announce anything!
    Mr Webb, Melville Intermediate.

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