Climbing the Tree

The Rope up the Tree

The Rope up the Tree

On Thursday we played lots of games at camp.

One was climbing a tree. When I went swimming it was freezing in the pool. My favourite activity was climbing the tree because it’s fun and its really high.

When I went half way up and I said “I can’t do it.”
Then a parent said “Yes you can.”
So I kept on climbing to the top of the tree. So I screamed, “I GOT IT!” Then I went down the tree and I was amazed because I did it.

by ProLau

2 Responses

  1. ProLau
    You were amazing up the tree. What a cool climber you were. I especially liked that you give us the thumbs up and a “I got it”! when you made it all the way up there. You really did take up the challenge and made it. SUPER!
    Mrs T

  2. Well done for persevering. Climbing trees is fun. It looks like a tricky tree to climb. Did you get good view from the top?

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