The Hamilton Gardens

On Saturday I went to the Hamilton gardens.

In the Victorian gardens we went to catch tadpoles. We got lots of them in fact we got so many the pond was nearly empty of its tadpoles.

In the jungle part of the glass house building we saw 3 pitcher plants, one was yellow, one was green, and one was red. In the desert part of the glass house building we saw some BIG cactus.

In the lake we saw the koi carp fish jumping out of the water, they catch mosquitos. A swallow was catching mossies too.  We saw the live  turtle that was lucky, but one of the only things we didn’t see was the eel.It was a great day becauseyou don’t see the turtle or the koi carp fish jumping out of the water every day.

I found out that some of the car parks used to be net ball courts.

by EllLog
[originally posted on our wiki]

One Response

  1. What a well written recount EllLog. It sounds like a very special day. I like how you changed the colour words to the colour you were writing!

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