Send a Postcard to Space

Hi Room 9, I hope you’re all enjoying your holidays.  I see that some of you have been on the wiki – well done!

I’m sure you all remember our visitor Eric Boe who came to school to tell us about space, NASA and the International Space Station (ISS).

Eric Boe and Mr F

Eric Boe and Mr F

There are a few astronauts on the ISS at the moment and one of them has a birthday.  Ask your parents first, but if you’d like to send a birthday card to Michael Barratt (in space) click on this link and follow the instructions.  Where it says “Type your city” I also added NZ so that he’d know it was from New Zealand.

I wonder if he’s having a birthday cake?

Mr F.

P.S 18 page views to go! [11:18pm, April 16]

5 Responses

  1. What a great thing to be able to do. Technology is amazing. My husband recently meet a retired astronaut where he works. His company makes a chemical that is used in waterproofing the tiles on the space shuttle. I found that little tidbit very interesting. I wish we had know that we could send the cards, my daughters would have loved that.

  2. Mr F, I am very envious of your photo with Col. Boe and your autograph!!!! What a lucky teacher you are. It was such an amazing experience wasn’t it?!?!?!

  3. Hows your holiday going Mr.F?

  4. Hope your having a great time in England? What have you done so far? Room9 really misses you! Can’t wait until you get back. HAPPY HOLIDAYS Mr.F!

  5. I’m sorry…I thought I’d left a reply here from my phone. I had a great time, been to lots of places and had a lot of fun. I’m writing some blog posts and have some photos and movies to share See you all soon.

    Mr F.

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