Camp Karakariki

At camp my group was called CAMP ROCK!

Me Climbing the Tree

Me Climbing the Tree

We did lots of activities.  One of the activities was BMXing.  Mr Fawcett showed us how to go over the hills on a bike.  Then four people from CAMP ROCK got a BMX bike and one person went at a time.  Everyone had a few turns going around the track.

Loading the gun

Loading the gun

Soon we had to move onto shooting.  Shooting and archery were a lot of fun.

My favourite activity was the tree climb.  It was my favourite because it was my first time climbing a tree.

One of the camp parents had to hold onto a rope.  One person went up the tree at a time.  Everyone had a go.  Some of us made it to the top.  I did!

I had a fantastic time at camp.

Writing and illustration by HemReb

5 Responses

  1. I bet you had lots of fun, I would have loved to be there doing all those cool activities.

    Kalib Room 8 Melville Intermediate Hamilton New Zealand.

  2. HemReb, you were a star at camp. You took up all the challenges. You have also written a superb and well structured recount. I simply love your picture – what a top climber you were! You made it to the top in a flash!

  3. Really cool picture,did u guys have fun with the them?did u get to shoot them?

  4. Wow, cool camp. Thats an awesome picture of you climbing a tree, I bet you had lots of fun, wish i could’ve come! Good work

  5. cool sounds like fun and aren’t you guys a bit young to be playing with guns haha

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