30 000

On Friday 1st May Room 9 had a celebration because we had the thirty thousandth visitor to our blog.  It was during the holidays on April 17th at 4:50:41 am.  They came from Madrid in Spain. 30000-2

We had party table cloths with balloons on and we had delightful, delicious cupcakes.  Each cupcake was covered in white icing.  They had a candle (red, green or purple) and some little silver sugar balls.  There were 30 cupcakes and each one had ten silver balls on and each silver ball stood for one hundred visitors.

Ready with the extinguisher...

Ready with the extinguisher...

Miss Pope stood by with the fire extinguisher just in case.  Mr Fawcett lit the candles and we sang a Happy 30 000 song.  Then Mr Fawcett took some photos.  With a powerful breath we all blew out the candles together.desktop

Finally we went outside and ate our cupcakes on the deck.  They were more than delicious, they were scrumptious.  We’ll have our next party at forty thousand visitors.  We can’t wait!

by Room 9

8 Responses

  1. Well done Room Nine! Now if you had 30 Silver Balls and each one stood for a 100 visits dosen’t that total 3,000? So I think if I am correct that each Silver Ball was for 1,000! Wow! That’s a huge amount

  2. Hey Room 9 those cupcakes look nice. Your 30,000th visit that’s a top achievement. I liked that the person was from Spain as that is my favorite place. I went to Barcelona last year and enjoyed everything there. Here is a link to a photo album of pictures I took there. http://picasaweb.google.com/dave.in2it/Barcelona

  3. Congratulations on the big milestone. I am sure it is gratifying to know that there have been so many people looking at your work.
    Mr. C

  4. Congratulations Room 9! 30,000 visitors is a fantastic achievement and it happens because of the quality of material you are posting! Well done, keep up the good work.

  5. Congratulations room9!We want to know what flavour the cupcakes are? We want to know why you don’t wear school unifom? Oh your blog must be fantastic to have 30,000 people visting your school page!Oh we were wondering how much fun you had at your party? We want to know who made the cupcakes? Did you leave any for us?

    From Room 6 (Polar Bears reading group).

    • The cupcakes were plain, but had a few drops of vanilla in them. We had a lot of fun, the best part was blowing out the candles. Mr F and his wife made the cupcakes. They made 72 but the first ones were burnt on the bottom. We had a few cupcakes left. We gave them to some of the teachers and left one on the principal’s desk.

  6. CONGRATULATIONS GLENVIEW9. This is a very cool thing…30000 visitors, wow! Thank you for sharing your celebration with me, it was yum!!! Great cooking Mr and Mrs F.

  7. Hi All

    I have been watching your site for at least six months! You seem to be doing some very interesting stuff! Could you give me and Room 12 the secret to getting “hits” via the world wide web? We are keen as to put ourselves out there but can’t work out how!!!


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