Player of the Day

Player of the Day

Player of the Day

Last Saturday I played Rugby.

I play for Melville and we played Varsity. I got 7 tries and player of the Day. My position is wing. For player of the day I got a ribbon, then we went to the club rooms at 5.00 and I waited for my name to be called out and they told me to come up and get my hoodie. It has Melville and Player of the Day on it.

By SteMat

[via email]

5 Responses

  1. 7 Tries? No wonder you got player of the day for that! What was the final score in the game? Has Mr F ever been a player of the day?
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate.

  2. I dunno what a try is, but if Mr. Webb is impressed, so am I. BTW your new hoody is the bomb!
    Mr. C

    • If you don’t know in New Zealand we call this game rugby. The ball in the photo is a rugby ball. A try is like a touchdown but you plant the ball down on the ground instead of just running over the line.

      TuhTra and SteMat

  3. I don’t know too much – even though I come from Wales – but I do enjoy watching it. It sounds to me as though you worked really hard. You must be very proud of yourself.

    I think your hoody looks great 🙂

  4. Well done SteMat. Player of the day with a hoodie, how fantastic. I must say 7 tries is very impressive! Maybe All Blacks could be in your future. Keep playing hard.

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