My Fluffy Kiwi

My Fluffy Kiwi

My Fluffy Kiwi

A few years ago I got a toy kiwi.  My nanny got one for me and my friend.

My kiwi’s name is Fluffy.  Fluffy has two feet with white toenails.  She has a beak.  Her feet are for walking, her beak is for eating and smelling.  Her fur is different shades of brown.  Fluffy’s fur is smooth and soft.  She has two eyes.  She eats worms.  She has three toes on each foot.

I like to play with Fluffy.  She is my favourite toy.

By HemReb
[real kiwis have feathers, not fur]

4 Responses

  1. That’s a cool kiwi, you have described some of its key features well. Like the fact that kiwi smell, they are one of the only birds I know that sniff! Also, that real kiwi have feathers – the defining feature of birds. Great stuff, birds are cool!

  2. We like your story because it has lots of detail. We liked the kiwi too. Thank you for putting a message on our blog because then we can write some more comments on your blog like we are doing now. We like your Wordle too because it has lots of words and it is big and you have lots of long words.

  3. Cool HemReb the Kiwi looks very fluffy.Is the fur real ?

  4. Hi
    My name is Zane

    Have you ever seen a kiwi in real life?
    Is your pet kiwi made of real fur or not?

    would you have the kiwi as a pet or would you put it in the frost like all kiwis do?

    I like how you description your pet kiwi


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