Our Glenview Kid!

Room 9s Glenview Kid

Room 9's Glenview Kid

Last week on Thursday afternoon Glenview school had a special whole school assembly because we were launching a new school charter.

Before lunch we put our Glenview Kid on Mr. Anderson’s trolley and took it into the hall.

After lunch we went into the hall.  Everybody talked about their Glenview Kid, it went from junior to senior.  When it was our turn Gemma and Quinn went over to our Glenview Kid.  We got three BIG cheers.

We sat in the hall for about an hour and a half.  All of the Glenview Kids were cool.  We finished about 15 minutes late.  I had a fun time listening to the other classes and watching their movies.

By HemReb

4 Responses

  1. Hi Glenview
    I am Chad from Mr Macs class in RM 12. I think you’re Kiwi is cute and fluffy, is it real? I am doing my homework, I have to visit blogs around the world and leave comments. I hope you blog us back soon.

    From Chadwick

  2. HemReb I was so impressed with your Glenview kid. It was truly awesome. What a special time it was. Mrs T

  3. I am very impressed on the hard work the year 4s did on their blog. My name is Fardowsa and I come from Manchester, United Kingdom. I am a year 6 and please come on our blog on Tuesday, our blog is called; http://65h.plymouthgrove.net. And can you please persuade people to come on our blog, PLEASE!!!

    Thank you!

  4. sorry , I did lots of spelling mistakes [but I fixed them for you 🙂 – Mr F]

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