Going to Australia Part 2

I have been in Australia for 6 days now. We flew with Emirates, they gave us a great backpack filled with free things to do. There were over a 100 movies to choose from to watch.

We went shopping the first day as it was raining. On the second day we went to Dreamworld and loved it. I went on the Tower of Terror, it was fun! There is a new ride called Moto-coaster, it has motorbikes and goes really fast. I went on the Runaway raptor rollercoaster about 7 times as the park was not busy. I got wet on the log ride.

The next day we went to Movieworld with my aussie cousins. I went on the Batman spaceshot ride and also the Batman Simulator and lots of other things. I loved the road runner roller coaster. I met Shrek, Scooby Doo characters, Wonder Woman, Sylvester, Cat woman and Batman.

I have been playing bratz a lot with my cousins. A street called “Savannah” is nearby, I will have my photo taken by it. It rained so much the first two days, it was the worst flood in Brisbane since 1974! They are officially no longer in a drought now so we have seen alot of the inside of shopping malls (not that I mind or Mum). I have got new clothes and toys.

by MatSav
[originally posted on our wiki]

2 Responses

  1. Sounds like you are having an awesome time in Brisbane MatSav. Isnt it great that you can keep R9 informed of your adventure! Mrs T

  2. Hi my name is Jamie and I had a cool holiday I got to go to the movies and I watched Ice age 3.
    I have some questions for you students.
    1;how was your holiday
    2;how many people are in your class
    by: Jamie
    Melville Hamiltion

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