The Future is… Now?

I opened google reader to find a new post by Steve Wheeler (@timbuckteeth) entitled “This Generation Learning“, in which he discusses the barriers that prevent teachers adopting emerging technologies and teaching tools.

“…I think the most trenchant barrier to grand adoption of emerging technologies is time. Teachers quite simply don’t have enough time to do anything other than survive during the working academic year. And then the holidays are spent recovering from the relentless onslaught of planning, teaching and assessment cycles. When the governments of this world stop testing and measuring everything to destruction and start seeing learning as a means to an end rather than as an outcome, then we may see some changes.”

Go, read his post and watch the video… how many students in your school are using these technologies?  How many of your colleagues even know these things are possible?  What about your Board of Trustees?

Steve Wheeler will be in Auckland, NZ in September 2010, does anyone in Auckland want to organise an opportunity for him to speak with interested educators?

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