Clustr Map Reset

Our Clustr Map showing the location of visitors to our blog is about to be reset and all the little red dots will disappear.

Here’s what it looked like on 21st July-
clustrsml 210709

and here’s the large version.

clustr 210709

It shouldn’t take long for our map to fill up with red dots again.  Remember you can also check who has visited by clicking on the watch live link in our Feedjit widget. Maybe now would be a good time to track our visitors on a wall map?

Mr F

By the way, I notice our counter is creeping towards 40 thousand visitors!  It will probably happen this term.  Any ideas for a celebration?

2 Responses

  1. That counter is likely to fly up. It is interesting to see the countries with out so much technology don’t you think room 9? Or do you think people are not visiting so much in Africa and South America because of a language barrier.

  2. Looks like the US has been good to your class. I am glad we seem to be catching up with Australia and New Zealand.

    Mr. C

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