The Sparrow

Today I was visiting my Nan’s house in Hamilton. My cousin came over to see my Nan with her two children Azra and Brayden and a little girl called Natalia. They were very funny.

Emma decided it was time for her to go as the children were starting to get tired. When Emma backed the car out of Nan’s drive-way I noticed something on the drive-way where the car had been.  It was still moving.  I wondered what it could be.  When I went up to it I discovered it was a sparrow. I was amazed it was still alive!

I ran into my nana’s house and said, “Hey there’s a sparrow on the drive-way and it’s still alive”.  Mum and Dad came running out to see.  The poor thing was shivering because it was so terrified.

My Mum said, “Quick go and find a warm cloth to wrap it in”.  My mum picked up the trembling sparrow and put the bird under her jacket to keep it warm.  My nan and I found an old warm cloth and mum and I wrapped the sparrow in it.  The sparrow as still trembling as we got in the car to come home.  Mum and dad let me hold on to the bird in the cloth as we where driving home.  All the way home I was talking to the little bird.  The sparrow kept opening and closing its beak as we were driving along.

When we got home we quickly ran to find a shoe box and an old towel and we put the sparrow in it.  The poor little thing was still terrified.  We put the box in the laundry where it was nice and dark.  Every ten minutes we kept checking on the bird.  Slowly it started to stop trembling.  About two hours later we opened the laundry door.  The sparrow had started to move.  I thought the sparrow was starting to get better.  The sparrow had started to sit up.  We went out of the laundry for about ten minutes.

When we came back the sparrow was sitting on the edge of the box.  When dad and I went back into the laundry the sparrow flew into the air. Dad got a big fright. I WAS HAPPY.  The sparrow was close to the window now, wanting to get out.  My dad was trying to open the window and the bird was in the way and it pecked him. Dad said, “OUCH!  That bird just pecked my finger and it hurt”.  Mum and I laughed. Dad finally got the window open and the sparrow sat on the window handle for a few seconds and then flew out the open window.

When I went outside I saw the bird flying to freedom.  My mum said, “That is as close to nature as you will ever get”.

By JesLue (via email)

4 Responses

  1. This is a beautiful piece of writing, JesLue, with a lovely story. Keep writing!


  2. That’s a fantastic story. It seems you did all the right things to keep the sparrow alive.

    Well done and well written.

  3. Cool story Luelle it was really well worded.

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