Mirror Writing

Leonardo Da Vinci was an inventor, scientist, painter and sculptor in Italy and France.  He painted the Mona Lisa.  He designed and invented lots of things like cars, robots and diving suits.  He really wanted to invent a flying machine that worked, but nobody is sure if he ever built one that flew.  Leonardo used mirror writing so no one could copy his ideas. He died in 1519.

Here are some Room 9 students doing mirror writing as handwriting entries for our Learning  Journals.

Mirror Writing

Mirror Writing

We chose a poem from a school journal and copied it out in reverse.  I was really difficult.  Some people wrote theirs out and traced it on a window.   Then the poems were stained with coffee and tea to make them look old.  Finally we went over our writing with a black pen.  Here are some of them (click on them for a larger view).  Can you read them?

image0-7 image0-8 image0-9 image0-10 image0-11

By Room 9

5 Responses

  1. daVincis in the making! Way to go, guys! Your poems look like very old, ancient, retrieved documents!

  2. Hi Room 9,
    Those poems sound really cool. We have done tea staining as well when we wrote diary entries as Shackleton in Antarctica. It was lots of fun.
    I bet it was really hard to copy those poems out backwards! It is sometimes hard to copy poems right when we do them for handwriting the right way round.
    I hope you keep them safe.
    From Matt in Room 10 at Grey Lynn School.

  3. Wow Room 9, truly inspirational! I am looking forward to sharing your learning experiences with schools that I work with. I’ll ‘pass on’ your blog address so that other learners your age can view and comment also. I better do some investigating too…..I come from Hamilton originally and there’s a ‘Glenview’ there, I wonder if that is where you are? I’m off to check out your other pages now…….to answer my questions.
    Happy Blogging
    From Mrs J.

  4. What a great idea, Da Vinci was a legend. It must have taken a lot of concentration to complete those poems. I love how the staining gives them a more authentic fee too!

    I loved Da Vinci’s helicopter designs http://www.leonardo-da-vinci-biography.com/images/da-vinci-helicopter.jpg

    Even in the photo in the link it looks like he writes backwards. He was a clever person, for sure.

  5. Hi my name is Jamie. That is wicked how do you do that? What a cool name mirror writing. How do you do that? Could you please tell us how so we could have a try? It looks like that he was writing backwards. Then we can post you back and tell you how we’ve done.

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