My First Game of League

It was as cold as ice at Fairfield Park with only shorts on and a top.

The game started.  Our first half of the game we got puffed and nervous while people cheered for us.  My friend passed the ball to me.  We were tied 5 all after I got a score.  I got the ball and I got tackled.  I passed it to my friend.  He kicked the ball then I ran up, caught the ball and SCORED.

Finally it was half time.  We had a drink of water.  The second half began.

They kicked off.  I caught the ball and ran off and got tackled.  Their shoulder went straight into my tummy like a bullet.

My friend said, “Are you alright?”
“Have a break.”

“Are you alright?’ said the manager.
“Have a break and then go back on.”

Oh no!  They score.  No!  They get another score. NO!  WE LOSE!

by RahCon

2 Responses

  1. Hi RahCon,
    I bet the game of league was upsetting. It must have hurt when the other team hurt you, but you wrote a cool recount!
    From Jordan in Room 10 at Grey Lynn School.

  2. Hi RahCon,
    That was a great story about your league game. I’m sure you tried your best. What league team do you play for?

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