Hi I’m Dribble.  I have a hard shell and four flipper type feet.  My owner’s name is Peter.  He has this annoying little brother called FUDGE who is the most annoying person in the world.  Sometimes I get EXTREMELY bored sitting on my rock.  I live in New York city on the twelfth floor.  Peter cleans my bowl every Saturday.  When he cleans my bowl I swim in the bath tub so I can breathe.

written and illustrated by FlaMia

18 Responses

  1. Nice story! Makes me feel sorry for dribble having to deal with Fudge.

  2. The story is good. The picture goes well with the story, it looks great!!

  3. Dribble is a very cute turtle. The drawing is very good, i liked your story and you should make an other drawing of him.

  4. Awww…Dibble is super cute. The story is also very funny!!!

  5. i like your drawing and the way that you wrote you story

  6. I really like your story its funny. You are a good artist. I like the turtle.

  7. The story is very funny , especially the turtle and the boy name Fudge.

  8. i like your turtle very much it was so cool an d i like your story very much and i really like your dawning you should be a artist

  9. I like your turtle a lot. I think your story is very awesome,and also your picture is awesome.

  10. I liked your story a lot. It was interesting..You’re a good artist because your turtle picture is awesome.

  11. I liked your title a lot and your drawing.I liked your story too.

  12. I read this story in 3rd grade.I really on joyed it it was funny and exciting…well this is a nice drawling of Dribble.

  13. That was a great short story! It sounds like a goodnight story for a little kid . I wish my dad would have told me this story when I was little. Two thumbs up!

  14. I thought your story was very great it is something that i would probably read as entertainment for my kids. Keep up the good work!!

  15. -I remember reading that book. It was pretty funny. I think i read that book around 4th grade. I wouldn’t like to have a little brother who ate my pets, it must of been hard being Peters pet……LOL!!!!!!!!

  16. I love the stories about Fudge. I like the turtle too. Flamia did a really good job on the turtle. I couldn’t d draw a turtle that good and i am in the 8th grade….hahaha!

  17. Great story…I would imagine there are some funny stories that could come from FUDGE and Dribble’s experiences.

  18. I LOVE the tales of a fourth grade nothing series. Have you read the other books in the set? The first is my favourite though Double Fudge is great too. That Fudge makes me laugh so much. How gross was it when he ate Dribble!!!!

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