Lunchtime Waste – Weeks 5 & 6

200908Looking at these two photos it seems we have managed to reduce the amount of food waste and gladwrap that we bring to school, but we still have a problem with chippy packets.  Well done to Jacob for putting his chips into a reusable container and leaving the packet at home.

Do you remember how to reduce the number of chippy packets used?  At Xtreme Waste we were told that we could buy a big packet of chips and put them into reusable bags or containers.  This means that only one large bag goes into landfill instead of a big bag and twelve little ones.  I have noticed that the little Glad boxes with blue lids have a number 5 on them.  Which means they can’t be recycled in Hamilton…

Mr F

3 Responses

  1. Looks like you have reduced the waste a bit which is good to see. I couldn’t see any food scraps either do you something special with them? Keep up the enviro action will catch up on how you’re going in your next posts.

  2. We think it’s good that you’ve reduced the amount of waste in the last week.

    We did a quick survey and discovered that in our class:

    22/26 bring our chippies in reusable containers

    24/26 take fruit skins etc home to put into the compost

    Keep up the good work

    Ms Fothergill & Room 10 @ Raumati Beach School, Kapiti

  3. It’s amazing how much waste there is from our snacks & lunches, isn’t it? It’s a great idea to buy one big bag and repack into containers. I don’t use glad wrap anymore for our lunches.

    Do you have compost bins for food scraps?

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