Getting Over It

If you’ve read my earlier post Talking the Talk you’ll know how I feel about hearing my recorded voice.  Yesterday the chance arose to take another step up the ladder and produce a video.

@catspyjamasnz asked for people to contribute to her project What My PLN Means to Me and to add a video to the wiki.

So here’s my contribution.  Like I’ve said before, we have to put ourselves out there and get over our dislikes, fears and phobias.  How can we expect children to do this if we don’t?

3 Responses

  1. I’m not a huge fan of the rising hype surrounding video blogging or “vlogging,” but your clip demonstrates how effective it can be. I connected more on a personal level watching you than I would have if you had just blogged about developing your PLN.

    I’m also a big fan of practicing what you preach, so you facing a fear that kids often have to deal with is excellent. Good post!

  2. Hey Michael. Great message there. As you know we heard this at eFest this week, well a part of it. Until Joyce’s session there I wasnt consciously aware of what the concept of a PLN actually was but like most of your readers I’m sure I do have a broad – if loosely connected network out there.

    Your point about the network “just being there” is key for me. Although you can choose to make closer connections with some, maybe meet your network members in person, that network is always out there in some form, ready to be dipped into when you need it. I think that casual, changing, semi-permanent nature is what people new to the online community find most challenging at first, not neccesarily the tools they use to engage with it.

    Thanx for sharing mate.

  3. […] shares his ideas on his blog- What Now? What Next? So What?. I particularly like this video-post Getting Over It which is wonderful- techuk8rs need to watch it- he even addresses using the positives of using […]

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