Lunchtime Waste – Weeks 7 & 8


These are the final photos from Term 3.  You can see that there’s been a real improvement since week one, but there are still lots of troublesome plastic bags and packets.

Next term we begin to recycle paper as part of our Enviroschool focus.  I wonder if we could concentrate on getting rid of all the plastic we bring to school as wrappers and packets for our morning tea and lunch.

Mr F

3 Responses

  1. It’s great to see you trying to reduce the amout of rubbish. We have a “Rubbish Free” day at our school each year to remind us that we don’t need all those packets. It also reminds us that fruit is a great recess, much better for us than chips. We also found out that it is cheaper to buy a big packet of something e.g. chips and put it into a reusable container. Some of us have started doing that. Our mums and dads are happy too because we save them money.
    From Mrs Shep
    PS We are trying to make as many cranes as possible but I don’t think we’ll get to 1000. We are hoping to send them to Hiroshima too.

  2. Reduce reuse recycle is good. I do a lot of that. I have a worm farm and a compost and my family never throw away plastic bags because it could suffocate animals and sea creatures. That is a lot of rubbish. You should be proud u didn’t leave it there. You are doing a good thing. People that dont recycle should consider themselves bad. They are rude inconsiderate and strange. Why do so many people throw away rubbish. They should be ashamed of themselves for polluting other peoples planet. That’s bad because the world is more than one persons. Everyone has their part in saving the world so I think you’re doing something good.

    Thank you for saving some of the world

  3. recycling is good

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