Selling Chocolate

photos7.10.09 013 (Small)

In Term 3 we were selling Chocolates to raise money for our school. Our family sold the most – 25 boxes of chocolate worth $1370.00. Our prize for selling the most was a $100 voucher for The Warehouse. We went shopping in the holidays and I brought a Barbie “I can be a Seaworld trainer” and Lucky Beebees which you attach to your jeans. Brock brought Lego space police and a soccer ball. When they had the draws for other prizes at assembly I also got a soccer ball.

by MatSav [via email]

7 Responses

  1. Wow! That’s an incredible effort! I remember selling a lot of chocolate fish for a fundraiser once. My brother and I biked for miles with the boxes on the back of our bikes! Communities could do with some more great people like you guys!

  2. Well done MatSav and Brock. It looks like you bought some great prizes! Mrs T

  3. Wow!
    You must of spent heaps of time trying to sell all of that chocolate!
    When I sell chocolate, I stand on the corner of my street; IT TAKES FOREVER!!!!

  4. Whoa that must have been a lot of chocolates. Hope you guys enjoyed what you bought. They look like a lot of fun. You should keep on selling to help your school.

  5. You are so lucky that you won all that. .I love Legos. I wish that I did that and won the stuff that you won.

  6. Yum chocolate. I would of bought a whole box if I had the money. Chocoholic thats me. I wish that was me in the picture holding those prizes, I would be famous

  7. looks a good lego set

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