Just a Test

Following a tweet from @abfromz


I thought I remembered something about how to, so I checked the Animoto site and sure enough there were some details about exporting to YouTube and then embedding the resulting video.


So that’s what @abfromz did… you can see her embedded video here.  It worked.

I decided that there must be an easier way and, after a few minutes searching found this “Embedding Animoto in WordPress!” – I followed the link to VodPod and dragged the bookmarklet to my Firefox bookmarks bar (also works with Google Chrome, but not IE8).

I went to my Animoto page, clicked the bookmarklet and…

vodpodchromeI was thinking of posting to my WordPress.com blog, but I’m using that for my 365 photos.  I knew that Edublogs was based on WordPress, so I filled in my details, added a bit of text and the video was embedded.  It took a few minutes for it to show up, but it worked.  You can see the embedded Animoto below…

…and that’s when I decided to make the test post into something more substantial.

more about “Just a Test“, posted with vodpod

4 Responses

  1. Another easy way to embed animoto (or any other video with code) is to switch to the html editor (rather than the default visual editor) paste the embed code – do not switch back to the visual editor and press publish or preview.
    Not sure why, but for some reason, if you change back to the visual editor the embedding code for the video does not work.
    Hope this helps.

  2. Hello,
    thank you so much for explaining how to embed animoto videos – I spent the whole afternoon yesterday playing with it – and with no result at all!

    What Teaching Sagittarian suggested above was what I did with the youtube videos – and it worked well. But somehow, wordpress just doesn’t want to recognize the animoto code – it can be seen in the HTML editor, but the page wouldn’t show it.

    I’ve just started writing my second blog The Fellowship of Twitter for Croatian teachers who don’t speak English so that they can use all these amazing tools with their students. But first I have to learn how to use them, and it’s been a lot of fun learning new things.
    all the best

  3. […] u blog. Međutim, meni je trebalo cijelo popodne, čitav niz tweetova i jedan novi blog post na Novom Zelandu da saznam kako je to na wordpress blogu zapravo neizvedivo, budući da wordpress ne podržava video […]

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