Milk Robot

Dads company is called Fonterra and they are the are the biggest exporter of milk products in the world.  My dad is an engineer who looks after robots.  This robot picks up cartons of milk powder in cans and puts them onto a pallet.  It can put 50 cartons onto a pallet faster than a person can.  Before it puts the cartons on the pallet it puts a slip sheet on it so the whole lot can be pushed into a big container.

by LynBra

(from an email)

8 Responses

  1. Great post! Sounds like your dad has an exciting job watching robots. I really like the movie!
    Please keep posting, this is very interesting! My sons )they’re 8 and 10) really enjoyed your topic and would like to see more.
    Thank you!
    Great job!

  2. That is amazing. I didn’t know Fonterra used robots to do this kind of work. I wonder if they use robots for anything else?

  3. Great post. There will be a lot of interest in that robot. I’ll pass the link on to a children at our school.
    I wonder if it will set some people to thinking that maybe they could aim for a job looking after robots.
    Well done.

  4. Room 7 in Dunedin are about to begin an inquiry into robots and their use! Your post will provide these city kids with a great example for this group! Thanks, LynBra! You have explained the task of this robot extremely well! (Here was I thinking there was a man standing beside a conveyor belt, putting the cartons into a box…. yi… yi… yi…!)

  5. fasinating how was your cruise on that ship

  6. WOW LynBra your dad has an awesome machine. Wonder if I can make one just like it but smaller and made of something else. HAHA!

  7. Hi Room 9 Im Eugene I really like your your work because its so good
    I hope you can do more.

  8. Hi my name is Nicholas and i just want to say Im very impressed with your video room 13 that machine that was working it looked great keep up the good work room 13.

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