Hand Game

At Camp Karakariki when the Warrior Scouts were going to climb the big tree, two girls were getting bored.  While the rest were climbing the tree they thought of having some fun.  So they decided to play “Under the Bambushes”.  You can try it when you watch.  It is fun.


by WhiHan

Other classes – do you have any hand games that you’d like to teach us?  Can you upload a video to share with us?  (from Mr F)

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  1. My classes in Canada used to play a circle clapping game to the song, “Stella-ella-ola”. I don’t know if my students here know it and I can’t remember the whole song to teach them. Maybe someone else can help?

  2. Your hands moved so fast the video couldn’t keep up with them. We know that hand game too- I wonder how it is that kids all over New Zealand know the same hand games.

    Allanah K

    Moturoa Class

    Appleby School


  3. Hi
    We really liked your clapping game. Some people in our school know that game too.

    We have a clapping activity or routine that we do. We will make a video of it and put it on our blog to show you. We will let you know when we have made it.

    Room 6
    Hampton Hill School

  4. HI WHIHAN THAT WAS AMAZIIINNGGGGG!!!!!!! I want to learn that version too!!!

  5. I love it I cant catch up o bad. I really like it whihan

  6. So awesome to find this here and awesome too that kids still play this in NZ. I used to play it as a kid and I am trying to teach my 6 year old so the video is very helpful thanks!

  7. we used to sing this in my childhood, in germany! i have been looking for this for ages, eventhough i had always thought, that this song was made up by my mates! as native germans, we sang something between english and fantasy- words. i wonder how it made its way to my little hometown in the middle of germany …

  8. Wow! I cant believe i used to be able to do that!! LOADS of good memories on this website:)

    From WhiHan 🙂

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