Tree Victory

I climbed the rough branches.  I was itchy and scratchy, grazed and tattered.  I was careful and cunning, reaching out awkwardly to the next branch.

My arms and legs were weak, but I was nearly at the top of the tall tree.

I could see the leaves, I was at the top!

Written and illustrated by AcePai
aged 8

3 Responses

  1. Wow Paige was it hard to get to the top? Even I didn’t.

  2. It was not hard and I do agree that it looks hard but it is really easy. Oh well theres always the holidays. You could go there then and see the incredible tree because it is fun!!!!!!!thanks for commenting whihan seeyou at school

  3. I got stuck right in the middle. There was no other way so I asked to come down. I really wanted to get to the top but I got scared. Oh well, wish me luck next time just to get better. I didn’t even make it up the climbing wall. Did you get up?

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