BP Oil Spill Disaster

Do you remember the oil spill we were discussing a few weeks ago?  Well it’s still leaking.  Here’s what it wold look like if it had happened in Hamilton (click the map for a larger view).

Imagine all that oil in the ocean.  What effect do you think it will have on the creatures that live and feed there?  What about the beaches nearby?  How on earth are they going to fix it?  Add your thoughts to the comments.

Here’s the website where I found the map.

Mr F.

3 Responses

  1. hi mr fawcett

  2. I think the BP oil spill is a terrible disaster. It has affected many fish and therefore fisherman are struggling. I think it is very effective how you showed what it would have looked like if the oil spill was over Hamilton. I didn’t realise how much it spread! Good work!

  3. wow that must be terrible to live in i hope that those people are ok they couold starve to death or sometihing.

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